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Taking orders Starting Oct 1st e-mail orders only:

Because you all have been asking me to!!!

Starting Oct 9th for pick up - I will be offering some of my select BAR-B-QUE meats "FROZEN" For your enjoyment when ever you wish.

1 pound of Pulled Pork - 10

1 pound of Brisket - 11

1 pound Pork Burnt ends - 12

Taking orders Starting Oct 1st e-mail orders only:

This offer N/A (for or with) any WBIG certificates

For your next party or event, would you like to just relax with Family, Friends, or Co-Workers? Then let Slow Food handle it all.  

Submit your Party or Event request to d.spoerl@yahoo.com. And I will help you enjoy the time with your guests, while sharing some award winning Slow Food. 

For your party or event the complete package includes: Me, Equipment, Meats, Sides, Rolls, Sauce, Staff and additional services that are to many to list - We can handle it all everything from beginning to end. 

Also please see Sample Menu Page: 


I'm Dave and I started Slow Food to share my passion for slowing down, and enjoying a great meal together. 

I specialize in slow-cooked award winning food: Always remembering "Flavor doesn't happen in a hurry" 

* Slow Smoked Choice Meats
* Fresh Made Sides and Sauce
* Real Wood Smoke

* Wood Fired - Real Chicago Brick Oven Pizza. 

Take a look at our menu here

Customer Reviews:

What a BLAST!! Firin' Up the Fox was Great. Thank you all for your Support. 

River fest is over! To the hundreds of you that stopped by and had some of our food - THANK YOU. You all are the best.  To Pride of the Fox, Julie and the whole staff and volunteers, and City of Saint Charles - Well done! To my staff, family and friends I am truly grateful.


Dave my wife and I were at the information tent at Riverfest, When we asked what food we should try the guy said "Dave's Slow Food" WOW WAS HE RIGHT! We stopped by and wound up just hanging out sampling your stuff. Man they ROCKED! And the BBQ sauce, I would pay you the 20.00 you joked about. We wished we tried the pulled pork pizza but we were just to full. My wife and I are still fighting over the pulled pork we brought home. Dude thanks for being so Kind. Well done - Jeff 6/8/14 

Dave!! Thank you SO much for making my party such a hit! Everyone LOVED the food! The crew you brought was awesome too! I even caught Kelly walking around cleaning up! Also, thanks for making me get back there and roll up my sleeves! Not only was the food great but we had a fun time having you there! Thanks again! Natalie 6/2/13

Thanks again for everything Dave. YOU MADE THE PARTY!!!! Actually got caught eating leftover ribs when I got up this morning.... Soooooooooo good. Continued success my friend. Jim 6/1/14    

Dave thanks so very much for the great food and allowing me to just enjoy Carlos birthday party. When I asked my Mom if I should do the party myself she said "No Way - Call Dave at Slow Food and let him cater it, You can then just sit back and have fun" She was 100% right. Again thank you Dave -  Renee   

What great food! Thank you for all of your hard work! Julia

Dave well done! When I said "You decide the menu for my pizza party" I am so glad I did. Man you nailed it. Thanks again. John   

GREAT PORK - It was a great sandwich at the race and I hope you sold out. There was only one huge problem... I had to listen to my daughter rave about the sandwich the rest of the day and ask why I could not cook that well. I was the one with the son and daughter early in the morning and they didn't even put the BBQ sauce on the pork. Great food and hope to see you back next year. B Perry 

Dave I just want to say "Your Family is amazing" Your Son Nick, Pal Jason, and your nephew Steven. I have never meet a bunch of folks that are so willing to help out. And I am a competitor. You guys set a great example. Thank you Christen and Brian.  


Some people think life is too short, so fast is the way to go. Slow Food challenges that by saying, life's to short not to slow down, especially when sharing time with people you care about.

I am blessed by each and everyone of you, for your kind comments. It keeps me coming back day after day. I am grateful. 

Thank you All. Dave