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SLOW-FOOD is all about attraction not promotion. The rig and smell attracts - The food is the promotion.

Please call me for your Party or Event requests @ 630 995 5583.


I'm Dave and I started Slow Food to share my passion for slowing down, and enjoying a great meal together. 

I specialize in slow-cooked award winning food: Always remembering "Flavor doesn't happen in a hurry" 

* Slow Smoked Choice Meats
* Fresh Made Sides and Sauce
* Real Wood Smoke

* Wood Fired - Real Chicago Brick Oven Pizza. 

Take a look at our menu here


Some people think life is too short, so fast is the way to go. Slow Food challenges that by saying, life's to short not to slow down, especially when sharing time with people you care about.

I am blessed by each and everyone of you, for your kind comments. It keeps me coming back day after day. I am grateful. 

Thank you All. Dave

Customer Reviews:

Dave thanks so very much for the great food and allowing me to just enjoy Carlos birthday party. When I asked my Mom if I should do the party myself she said "No Way - Call Dave at Slow Food and let him cater it, You can then just sit back and have fun" She was 100% right. Again thank you Dave -  Renee   

What great food! Thank you for all of your hard work! Julia

Dave well done! When I said "You decide the menu for my pizza party" I am so glad I did. Man you nailed it. Thanks again. John   

GREAT PORK - It was a great sandwich at the race and I hope you sold out. There was only one huge problem... I had to listen to my daughter rave about the sandwich the rest of the day and ask why I could not cook that well. I was the one with the son and daughter early in the morning and they didn't even put the BBQ sauce on the pork. Great food and hope to see you back next year. B Perry 

Dave I just want to say "Your Family is amazing" Your Son Nick, Pal Jason, and your nephew Steven. I have never meet a bunch of folks that are so willing to help out. And I am a competitor. You guys set a great example. Thank you Christen and Brian.  

Thank you all for voting for us 
SLOW FOOD "Winner" Of the Peoples Choice - Best Food at the Festival of the Horse and Drum.

"Dave thank you and your Slow-Food Staff for everything" "What a feeling sitting back and just enjoying the party - A first time for everything" And the "Buffet and all the food words can't express what you did" Thank you the Stammen's 

Dave sorry to here about your Dad. Our party was just GREAT. Your helpers Jason and Josh did a wonderful job. Thank you very much - Donna  

DAVE - WOW! The pig roast was a huge success. The Heritage Center and all the volunteers want to say a BIG Thank you to you, Jason, Geno and staff from Batavia Diner. Everything was the best ever. People still can't stop talking about it. Can't wait for next year. Natalie 

Marshall here, Dave I just stopped by the trailer in Virgil and you hooked me up with a sample box. Man you got it going on! Really Really great stuff. You for sure just got a new best customer. Thanks man. WAY TO GO. 

Dave my Girl friend and I have a cat. I know what your thinking LOL! Here's the deal this cat never gets on the counter - Ever! That was until I brought home SLOW FOOD. Dude she was on the counter attacking the pulled pork! I am going to send you a picture. It was amazing. Oh we loved the Pork, Pork chops and the Rib eye steak! GREAT! See you next week - Pete.    

Dave, I just wanted to thank you for the great food last night! Everyone loved it and we had plenty of left overs. Yea! The soup was a big hit too. Thank you again for making this such an easy process for me. I'll drop the pans and hot box off on Monday. Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings, Gretchen 

Dinner last night - WOW - When you asked "Can I quote you on that" I said yes (((WOW))) Darrel 

Dave Tommy here. Last night was our anniversary so I did the right thing and asked my wife where she wanted to go to dinner? She said "Stop by Sow Food and get a pile of pulled pork and extra sauce" That's what she wanted so thanks for saving me some it was a great night. Tommy 

Dave's Slow Food - Folks what a hidden secret!!!! stopped in Wednesday night for the first time ever Nick and Josh gave me some samples - Jerk Chicken, Pulled Pork, Brisket Oh My goodness ---- I bought all the beef brisket you had fantastic just fantastic Dave. - Donna (PS) See you Thursday for RIBS - I can't wait!   

Dave the chicken i got last night is the best chicken i have every had thanks i will be back! - Josh 

Best pulled pork ever, amazing sauce..... My tummy is happy!!!! Ryno H