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"Dave, I have to tell you how wonderful the food and service was at the party you catered for me last Saturday. Your son Ben and Josh were so genuinely nice, funny, prompt, and helpful. I truly appreciated that! 

Everyone commented on the good food as well! I will certainly recommend your catering services. You are also very easy to deal with and that was truly a blessing! Thanks so much for making the party perfect with no work on my end!!!"




Thanks so much for checking into Slow Food.

June 24th Update! * Market Pricing Now Applies for all MEAT. Prices have jumped 50% or more in the past 6 weeks. PLEASE adjust your Budgets. We are trying to hold the line - however it is what it is!  

May 15th Update! *Not participating in Covid - Debates & Opinions* Don't Ask. Sad to say but we have decided we are staying really close to Home Base and within Kane County ILL for the foreseeable future.  

We are cutting back on most all new "Open Retail" events. There are just to many emotions, and Covid "opinions" for us to deal with.  

Thanks, Dave 

2021 Parties and Events Scheduled 

Folks even if the date is booked. We can most always do our 

"TAH&E" Party Pac's of Meats and Sides for you - Just ask us for details

(TAH&E = Take Away Heat & Eat)

Friends sad to say but out of our control! Meat Pricing & Supply are skyrocketing!  2021 Parties and "TAH&E" If you have not confirmed? Please do so.  

2021 - Never to Early to Book Your Party      

Party Packs are Available (Price = 165.00) 15 to 20 servings. "TAH&E" = 1 Pan of pulled Pork or Chicken. Plus 1 Side Item. Comes with Rolls, Sauce & Slaw. 3 days notice. Pick up at the Kitchen.    



1st - Doc Mushtaq 10:00

10th - TLC Pregnancy Center - Hot Drop - 5:00pm  

15th - Saint Johns - Hot Drop 150 - 5:00

23rd - Chris & Amy - TAH&E 

2022 Events and Parties 

Jan -

Feb -

Mar -

28th - Mason DDS Company 

April -

29th - Dawn School Auction - Pending @ FLC 

May -

14th - Saint Charles East Car Show - Tom - Big Red Wagon

27th Friday - Trio Foundry - Montgomery - Patty - Big Red Wagon

28th - Wells Graduation - Big Red Wagon -    

June -

4th - Chris Wedding - Hot Drop and Hostess helper - Geneva 

July - 22nd - Linda Wedding - Late Night Snacks - Heritage Prairie Farm - Pending