Thanks so much for checking into Slow Food.

June 14th Update! * Chicken Shortage - ALL meat pricing is up 30% to 50% - The sample menu pricing is NOT based on Current Market Pricing. 

May 15th Update! *Not participating in Covid - Debates & Opinions* Don't Ask. 

Sad to say but we have decided we are staying really close to Home Base and within Kane County ILL for the foreseeable future.  

May 1st Update! * We are cutting back on most all new "Open Retail" events. There are just to many emotions, and Covid "opinions" for us to deal with.  

Thanks, Dave 

The following are some examples of parties and events 

we have done & stayed on Your Budget.

As you will see, we provide all kinds of different services and menu selections.  

We don't offer a set price, a per-person or plate cost

That is why I honor your budget - not mine!

**The only set price we have is for equipment & staff see equipment tab**

Great Service. Certified Staff. Approved Equipment. 

Licensed and Insured.