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Pit Master
, Lead Chef

Why did I start Dave's Slow Food?

Because I looked around at today's obsession with faster faster faster, 'everything now' and quick-reward; And realized that something's not right.

We all know that food is something that binds and builds us all up, and anything worth anything doesn't come with a snap of the fingers. At DSF we have built a culture from the DNA level that supports slowing down, strong family, service, and quality.

Our aim is to serve you high quality & cared for meals — which takes time; So that you can enjoy your time with those that mean the most to you.

eneral Manager, Chef

Why am I fully invested in Dave’s Slow Food?

I’ve lived in the tri-cities area for close to 20 years now, and my favorite thing about living here is the community, the people. I see this place as my home, and I cherish my home.

I love the freedom to create a good, home cooked meal, using some combo of different ingredients we have laying around. Something that just sounds like “YUM!” It’s all in our tagline, “We only cook what we eat.”

As Slow Food continues to grow, we are able to be more accessible to everyone, which includes the Restore Cafe we just opened at our Cold-To-Go site. I’d like to see that grow into a good space for meetings, luncheons, cooking classes, as well as a place for people in our community to come by and share some great food, great conversations, and great environment, right in their backyard.

I’ve worked with my dad since the beginning. I believe in what he’s built and want to keep this going, and someday pass it on to my son, Max.

Prep Cook, Event Manager

Why have I stayed with Dave’s Slow Food for over a decade?

“We’re the same family, we just happen to have a different last name.”

It all started when I met Dave’s youngest son, Nick, about 15 years ago in an apartment complex. We quickly became friends-playing Risk is still one of our favorite pastimes. With Dave’s simple motto of “What we do best is to be of service,” it’s easy to stay. I’ve adopted this attitude in all areas of my life. It’s taught me so much.

My favorite aspect of working with Slow Food is serving people. Planning an event can be very stressful, and we’re here to help eliminate that by being of service to them. Everyone is so relieved to have our help, and seeing the joy and happiness on their faces is very rewarding.

I have lived in the area my entire life, and it’s easy to say that I’m here to stay and serve my community. The family side of the business keeps us strong and will continue to do so—as we grow.

Speaking Engagements & Private Appointments

Speaking Engagements or Private Appointments

I am available upon request for:


BBQ Classes

Motivational Speaking

Retreats - Religious, Business or Substance.

Fund Raisers - Church, School, Teams etc...

Sharing My Story of - Experience, Strength and Hope


My number one calling; If there is someone in your life that is struggling with addiction please don't hesitate to call me. If I can't help I can refer you to folks who can.

Nothing I do in life is more important than being of service to those that are caught up in the grip of Alcoholism.

The Alcoholic is sick and is causing troubles all around. It is so important to realize that the "Family, Now, During, & After" are in need of recovery and support also"

Second If you are in the Clergy, are at wit's end and need a confidant? Please reach out to me.

If I can be of service in some small way? Give me a call.



c. 630 995 5583

e. d.spoerl@yahoo.com

Testimony of Provisions

Donations and Gifts Accepted Anytime

With your purchase and partnership Slow Food will be supporting Local Shelters, Half way houses, Individuals or Families.

We will do our best to provide friendship, food or family aid as we can.

If you know someone in need please let me know.

Call me direct 630 995 5583

Thank you all for your support,


Kind Words About Dave's Recovery Ministry

"Dave's not SLOW" That's what I tell people about you. I called with a family in trouble and you took action!! Man you sure are so helpful. Thank You Dave!!!

-Pastor in Saint Charles

Good grief Dave, a sit down with you - Priceless! I have struggled with "This" forever. You broke down the 12 steps and the key of (Willingness) so quickly. When you said "Recovery is simple --- but not Simplistic" It was a flash.


I realized right then, I have never been willing ever! I can admit that now, I am getting better day by day. Thank you again.


Not only was your beautiful contribution of food so helpful in feeding our flock but it was delicious!!! We are so appreciative of your donation to our church of the trays of pulled chicken. Everyone was raving about your generous spirit and your marvelous cooking!

May God bless you in your work and in your life. You have given us a beautiful gift of nourishment for body and soul!

-Melinda Hinners-Waldie, Interim Pastor

Dave -- Your words of wisdom, care and compassion at the service for Michael on "recovery for all of us" Very touching and heart felt. We love and thank you.


Dave you touch me and the family deeply. Thank you and Terry for all that you do. "All of us"


Dave - Thank you Thank you and your boys for helping me move. You guys are the BEST!!


700 Souls came for dinner. Dave your "Being of Service" It shows - It really does. Thank you for all that you do.


Dave I want to thank you from all of us men at the retreat. Thank You for the food and sponsorship, You are something.


Dave I know and see how crazy busy you are and the fact you dropped everything to help me last weekend, Thanks man.